Our Story

Pepsi Flag on Pin Flag


It all started with this flag. The goal was to turn this flag into a barrel headcover for a Christmas present in 2020.

Instead it resulted in the purchase of a sewing machine after thinking, "it can't be that hard..." upon receipt of a quote.

That tiny, ill-equipped sewing machine turned out prototype after prototype of both cloth and leather headcovers until it was replaced by an industrial machine that greatly improved the quality and resulted in recommendations to start a company and sell them, which is what happened in mid-2021.

This flag never did get made into a headcover, but it does hang prominently in our production facility as a constant reminder of how we started.

BlueTross Custom Golf Head Covers


Two kids who fell in love with the game when they started playing golf with their father at 4 and 6 years old respectively on a small executive course.

Throughout the years, regardless of whether they were living 25 or 2500 miles apart, they have teed it up together as much as possible including trips to Bandon Dunes and Pebble Beach.

They aren't nearly as competitive as they once were, but deep down they're still both trying to beat the other one whenever they aren't on the same team.

Family on Golf Course



"Blue" due to being the primary color of the oceans, seas, and bays of the world observed while underway on various US Navy Ships as well as the favorite color of two little boys who missed their Dad while he was at sea.

"Tross" being short for albatross. Not only is an albatross one of the rarest shots in golf, it is also a welcome sight for sailors around the world as they get closer to land...hopefully home.